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I keep getting an error when installing the UR package for the 2F-85

Wrong version of software on USB Key

Minor Fault: The communication chip is not ready

Blinking green Modbus TCP

FT-150 Lockout magic file bug

2-F-85 work on CB2 but not on CB3

Change position and speed on the 2F85 gripper without the widgets ?

Modbus does not connect with 3F gripper

Gripper 2F85 flashing blue/red

Controller communication through Ethernet/IP

EtherCat controller issue

Difference between 2F-85 Gripper and 2F-140 ?

Using the FT-150 on a PC with Windows

2F-85 Grasping problem

UR Package installation error with 2F-85

FT-150 - Customizing the streaming data

Is it safe to disconnect devices without powering off the supply ?

Having problem with our 3-F ModBus on our UR Robot

2F-85 on UR3 :: The magic files are not working

2F-85 on UR3 - Problem with URCaps

2F-85 Faulty connection to RUI

2F-85 documentation on ModBus

2F-85 Gripper on a Motoman, Not able to use the User Interface through IP, only USB.

Sensor Precision FT-150 and FT-300

2F-85 Gripper suddenly stopped working

Can't access the gripper with the RUI anymore?

Is the 2 Finger Gripper's electronics really protected from electromagnetic interference?

Model 85 2 Finger Gone from Screen

FT150 data stops updating after program pause and resume

How do you verify the robot's positional repeatability or the robot's accuracy?

Connection issues on 2F85

Trouble Calibrating Camera Demo with UR3

Manual Jog to Waypoint Error

How can I know my UR hardware controller version?

2-finger 85 gripper can't be connected

Vision system calibration when changing robot joint

Issue with UR missing waypoints

Robot going into singularity when using the FT150

2-Finger control using "robotiq_c_model_control" cannot be executed.

Ethernet connection

How do you overcome issues with position values of a 2F85 being returned differently?

Delay in 3 finger adaptive gripper's movement

using Switch statment in UR 5 pendant programming

Opening with noise

UR5 Unknown Error being Thrown

UR 5 not returning to exact waypoints after joint fault

How to make simple program with Robotiq camera?

Demo_Force_Twist_Release program tripping with C204A3:Sudden Stop Detected Fault

What causes shaking/vibration of UR robot?

2F-85 has lost communication with UR

Using pose_add() and pose_trans() to adjust a plane on the fly gives inconsistent results.

ActiveDrive with large payload

UR power up error

FT-300 & UR10 CB3.3 smooth speedl() motion

How to start vision server and gripper automatically?

Security plane

What is alarm 4784

crma 58 & crma 59 plugs

Software USB key Universal Robot

FANUC robot 2000ic 125L ip configuration

rq_activate_and_wait() not working with URCAPS for 2F-85

How to connnect the gripper via ROS? Is there any instructions for that? Thanks!

Finding a hole

Gripper shutoff by itself

How to reset controller after major fault?

Fault: C71A101: Startup check error: !CODE_71A101!

Move based on feature

URScript popup error

Problem with camera software upgrade

Merging waypoints relative to a plane


Anyone seeing an issue where you cannot press the OK button on UR initialize screen

Is anyone seeing a lag or a long pause after the 2F-85 Gripper opens?

Insights set-up - "Cannot configure DHCP and/or detect firewall properly"

The time of starting robot is too long...

I have problem with combo (wrist camera + Gripper 140) instaled on UR10.

Active Drive Toolbar Missing

dataSocket 5555 error

UR10 CB3.1 does not start anymore

Modbus connection/read registers value

Dongle License Error

trouble with digitals I/O

Robotiq 2 finger controller red led ON

Force Spikes w/ Robotiq FT Sensor 300

Can l plan Robotiq-140 in Moveit Rviz?

modbus communication

How to get accurate result from rq_is_object_detected()

How to solve erratic behaviour of the robot when using the wrist camera in a program?

Bug Report - USB Fails

Error message in RUI

Default "Base : C26A188: Sliding Index encoder motor detected : 188"


RobotInterface: C4A12 : Communication issue

UR Ethernet Connection Problem

SICK Inspector camera with URCap trouble

Connecting URSim with UR5 over ethernet using VMware

Vision Camera Error

How to determine if my sensor is functional

how to prevent a delay in the full force application on a 2f-85 gripper

Troubleshooting FT-300

"Caught unhandled Exeption!" Error while using 2F-140 & URCaps

i got error with UR 5 on the screen what should i do with it

FT 300: Path recording feature stuck in "before start"

UR3 Fault C4A16 – Communication issue with Joint 4 lost

Run-time error with Skill Sensor Add on

Having trouble installing urcaps for a Robotiq 85 gripper onto a UR10.

Accidentally formatted flash drive files, Camera Feature is gone

Gripper Toolbar Missing

My 3-Finger Adaptive Robotiq Gripper can not be activated normally

Combo of Hand-E and the Wirst Camera on UR e-Series

TCP - Fixed Position, Variable Orientation

Connection error while using MovetoCamPos

Wrist Camera Installation (UCC-1.6.3) Problem

Precision of MoveToCamPos function

Robotiq 3 finger gripper does not activate properly

Voltage present on unpowered 48V power supply

Getting a error every time i go to use the camera after updating to latest URcap

Robotiq Wrist Camera Issues - XMLRPC: Failed with exception: Unable to transport SML to server and..

How to connect external device by EtherCAT?

ur5 password lock

Robot is stopping randomly while running through the program?

Java Error on UR5 - "NoClassDefFoundError" after updating firmware to version 3.7.X

Set boundaries for cam locate?

UR3 CB31 C39A5 Error

Is it possible to offset a Palletizer routine?

Is it possible to delete a directory once its created?

Error C4A77

Un-handled exceptation in UR Cap

How to make IO shut off in case of crash

Movement in force mode

Mains 2F-85

Robotiq Wrist Camera Issues - Programming with the Camera Locate Node:IllegalWaypointNameException

URCap updated to 1.3.0 kills dashboard server play

Error from Robotiq gripper

Find surface - error - UCS 1.9.0

C192A20 SPI output error

How to turn off fieldbus inputs

TCP calculate

Running 2grippers check position separately

swapping files using (magic files ) issue UR10

Way to check the amount of the hours the system was powered on?


RG2 gripper detected during palletizing

Robot Calibration

How do I disable the overwriting of the first 6 output float registers by the Force Copilot 1.9.0?

Missing a waypoint (postion)

Power Supply Unit Error

connect two UR Robot

Failing to connect to the 2-Finger Gripper via ethernet

The TCP value displayed in the pendant different from the value obtained with get_actual_tcp_pose()?

After I updated UR10's version to 3.10, the 'path' command cannot be used.

Robotiq 3F Gripper red led always on

Compile error with the wrist camera

USB camera disconnected - LED Wrist camera purple?

RUC has not Modbus TCP connection

Changing Keyboard Configuration

Force Control+Multipath issues

Hello,has anyone tried to implement a driling application using a force sensor? I need help for this

<UR3e error> BaseA : C2B0A0 : Real-time error : Critical error

Robot IP Address??

About Joint angle.

get_actual_tcp_pose() with regards to a taught plane other than Base

About Socket Programming

F/T Move stop and continue program after


gripper detected

Using a WAGO field bus coupler with a UR e-series

2 sensors 2 measurements same end-effector

Question mark on safety

gripper 3 finger adaptative - board electronic problem


Joint errors when moving from reduced to normal operation.

Gripper doesn't resume after power-cycling

C201A2: Setup of Safety Control Board failed

FT-300 calibration failed

get_steptime() is not defined compiling error since installing copilot for ft300

Slow boot-up time and sluggish due to networking

URsim deletes ROS melodic

About TCP

force detected parts using pallet or destacking

2F-Adaptive Gripper + Wrist Camera Combo issues

start the robot from where it was stopped UR10/CB3

Gripper disconnected from ttyUSB0 automatically

Hand -E gripper

The robot cannot be turned on

How to solve 2f-85 Connection Error?

UR 10 wont load past splash screen

Slow polyscope issue using force copilot/wrist camera, socket, dashboardserver

After shoulder changed the program paths are not same

About Robot PRogrammimg

Wire In-Sight 9912 cognex camera to UR10e

Vibration from tool to robot.

About Robot Protective Stop

UR5 stopped detecting 2nd Gripper with update

Modbus does not connect with 3F gripper.

Activating gripper on startup

teachpendent polyscope freeze up

Base Position Adjustment After A Crash

Robot pauses mid cycle in different spots

UR5 Boot Problem

USB Dongle Not Found For Wrist Camera

Problem with updating wrist camera urcap (solved)


Firmware Corrupted

UR5 + RG2 Gripper Autostart & network issues.

Problem with software update

All waypoints became offset

Firmware and UR Cap Update -Notifications and Release Notes

Error message when starting program using a mouse


How to reproduce the same program but for left-handed operators ?

Error when rebooting the robot

Gripper flashing red.

UR10 Running slow

About Socket Program

force sensor accuracy

HAND-E Gripper doesn't work after trying activation from Installation Tab

C4A16-Communication with joint 4 lost, UR3

Error C192A2: Robot emergency stop disagreement

UR10 C161A0: confirm the position of robot

Moving to a point with variable X, Y, Z

UR Error: Syntax Error

wrist camera

UR-5 (CB3) Touch Pandent doesn‘t respones

HIWIN XEG Electric Gripper troubleshoot


Hand-E Adaptive Gripper control delay with UR robots

How to recover program original path if robot replaced?

Has anyone had this issue? UR10 CB3.1 locks up after playing a program once

Robotiq 2F Gripper with UR5 CB2 robots - fault with red light

UR3 CB3 -- Polyscope version 3.6.0 boot up fail

Connection failed -- PC to UR5, TCP/IP

Release brakes of UR3e in quasistatic situations

Trouble Changing New TCP

Problem with FT300

Problem with OnRobot software

UR3 - Is there a way via URscript to get joint currents shown on the LOG tab of Polyscope?

Looking for help with intermittent 2F-85/UR5e issue

FT300 force sensor reading keeps decreasing after cycles

Change TCP speed while move

TCP setting adjusted and now the waypoint deviates

I have a Universal Robots UR5 that keeps flagging C26A24 wrist 2 motor encoder drift detected.

UR10e not booting

Anyone did calibrate UR robot and can share the results?

program error b/c of RG6

Unknown Function: findmodel

UR script multiple returns

starting a robot with UR10/CB3

Long time between pressing play on UR10e series and getting a response from robot

Switch from reduced mode to normal mode - Universal Robot

Parameters of the reduced mode and the normal mode

2F-140 ros node publishing gripper state at radically different frequencies on different machines.

UR3 robot connected with Gripper (2F-140) & FT300 using ROS

Safety System Fault C192A16 & C192A18

UR update bug

I have a welding torch semi-automatic and I need to remake it into a automatic for robot

Copilot Force Control and Multipoint Path issue

Grip Check problem

Universal Robot Joint Temperature Alarm

Use timer with 5.9 polyscope

Robot fails to initialize on power up.

UNIVERSAL ROBOT teach pendant screen freeze issues

Problems importing on URSim

Issue with FT300 sensor

Problem with depalletizing using the wisard , and the force function

Problem with depalletizing using the wisard , and the force function

polyscope 5.9.3 freeze up

ft sensor problem in ur3e

Ethernet Connection UR5e Ubuntu

Robotiq Copilot URCap changes its RTDE Registers

2F-140 Error - I/O Coupling Not Connected

Scan cannot find my Hand-E Gripper what could be the issue.

Accelerometer function

Why is my Controller not found?

Controlling 2F-140 from Robotiq PC User Interface via IO coupling

Hande with UR5e: LED is always red.

UR10e controller no power

How do I prevent the robot from reaching its joint limits, where it theoretically shouldnt have to?

Minor Fault: The communication chip is not ready

Recalibrating UR5 to key waypoints

URSim for Linux

How can I check that the brakes are not slipping?

2F-Adaptive Gripper Installation - Gripper toolbar does not appear

do you know your way around a Nachi AR controller

RTDE error Copilot and Ethernet/IP adapter

Copilot URCap and Ethernet/IP

Could NOT find Protobuf (missing: Protobuf_INCLUDE_DIR)

UR5 will not go to initialization screen after update

Is there a way to move the CB3 UR10 without initializing it first?

I am having trouble getting my 2f85 working with my Kassow KR810.

Unwanted robot movement when spot welding with UR10e

Error CAPT 38954 Wrist Camera with UR10e

Communication error with computebox

Wrist camera and Error in MmodFind()

UR robot teach pendant freezing after program start

Magically Changing RPY Values

Wrist Rotation Issues

Force-Torque Sensor is not detected

Error with Wrist Camera

UR placement error

2F Adaptive Gripper

ASAP Where i could download the URCAP UCG - 1.5.0 ?

safety message C296A1

How to fix 2F-85's finger in order to not let it move.

Refreshing modbus registers

Insight only supported with CB3.1 controllers for URSim

URsim No Controller on Ubuntu 18

FT 300 sensor

robotiq 2f-85 object detection not work

SPI Error power supply for IO not detected with Hand E gripper connected

Wrist Camera not installing correctly

Wrist Camera URCap for Polyscope 5.3

Problems with robotiq wrist camera Cable LED is BLUE and the other is RED

minor fault communication chip is not ready

Wrist camera error: USB Camera disconnected

SafetyA: C192A29 Fault Upon Initialization

FT-300S Data Logging on a UR3E

how to check anolog input or output

How to control 2F Gripper connected to UR5e control box from ROS Pc?

C450C4 problem

Grippe 2-F85 Unpowered

movej and move commands don't worry and just make the robot vibrate, whereas speedl and speedj work

Unable to communicate with 2f-140 gripper

The 2F-85 gripper firmware version used by Universal Robot has expired.

Unable to communicate with 2f-140 gripper

Unable to communicate with 2f-140 gripper

Motor current reading zero

Robot UR5 CB3 " incorrect robot mounting detected"

Lag time between pressing "play" on UR and program start with UCG-1.1.1

Can't connect Wrist Camera and 2F-85 Gripper to UR10

Problem with URCaps Force Copilot in Mahine Tending solution

teching robot

Lost connection to XML-RPC server after copilot urcap update

Cómo conectar un sensor SZ-04M keyence a un robot XRC 2001, con relay

UR 10e shows fault

Grippers Won't Grip - Light Turns Red and Blue - Error Code UCG-1

Short circuit in the HDMI or USB input of the Omron TM5-900 robot

USB dongle not found (wrist camera)

polyscope displaying error : camera disconnected, Camera cable led is red

Unable to communicate with 2F-85

The power port of the 3F gripper seems to have serial pins, but do they work?

Error while trying to control 2F85 gripper with a UR5

2f-85 gripper object detection problem

Problem with switching reference object with PIM60

FT300 license problem

Problem on Control Robotiq gripper mounted on UR robot via Socket communication (python)

servoL can not reach the target point

24VDC error on UR robot due to short in IO connections

Robotıq Gripper 2F-85