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After I updated to the latest software I had two weird things happen. The first thing that happened was I left Friday afternoon and the UR was working just fine, Monday morning I went to run that UR and the two pallet wizards and a handful of other waypoints were off in the x and z by roughly 3 mm in each direction. These waypoints are programmed to the base, and do not reference any planes or anything like that. It seemed like someone came in and went through a whole bunch of points and manually changed them, but I checked our security cameras and that is not the case.

The second thing that happened was the UR was running the program and the robot randomly tried to go to the home waypoint. I watched it run some more cycles without it happening again, and then later as I was watching it I was able to see it happen. The UR was in the middle of its cycle and the program essentially restarted itself from the beginning of the program without anyone doing anything to it. The program pointer was in the before start sequence and it was attempting to go to the home waypoint but it crashed on the way there. I have seen this happen on three separate URs a handful of times and they are doing completely different operations with different programs. On the other two URs it picked the first part and then placed it, and after it placed the part it went home and then went to pick another part and crashed when it tried to place the second part on top of the first part. We are not using the I/O to start the program at this time.