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Here is a procedure to help you confirm if your Robotiq FT-300 is functional.

  • Verify that the Sensor is connected according to the Installation section of this manual.
  • When powered, verify that the LED on the Sensor is blue (not red/blue).
    • FT 150 LED is blue if functional (streaming)
    • FT 300 LED is red if powered without communication, blue if powered with communication
  • Power-off the Sensor and then connect the provided USB/485 converter to a USB port of a Windows PC.
    • In the Windows PC, open the Device Manager. 
    • You should see a "USB Serial Port" device in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" category. If not, it is possible that the converter drivers have not installed automatically. You can download the driver from the website.
  • Power the Sensor with the recommended voltage.
  • Download the simple data logger application at:
  • Run the data logger application. Enter 100 for the number of data per 10 seconds and any file name (for example "test.csv").
  • Verify that the sensor data is displayed in the Windows console application.
If you need further assistance please comment below with the details of your problem.