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All I/O blocks are removed but the problem is still here, like you can see in this short movie :

I've made my short program following these few steps, and I've made tests between each of them:

 - made a simple move -> OK

 - add I/O -> OK

 - add ModBus -> NOK

I'll try to restart from the beginning but I'll add ModBus before I/O.

And Yes I've reboot the robots, they where OFF for 2 days. When I try them this morning the problem was still here.

I'm also in touch with a technical support, but for now, no solutions have been found.


Can you post up your program?


Here is a link to the UR documentation on the modbus registers on the robot and how to use them to access certain features that @PierreDenis mentioned.

These can be really handy, especially when you have multiple robots in a cell as one robot can see what the status of the inputs are on another one.  Very handy when you have more I/O on one robot than you have capacity built-in and another with excess I/O.  They can effectively use each other as modbus expansion systems.