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Hello everyone : )

I am using the Hande gripper with a UR5e robot and everything is working fine, except that when I am not communicating with the robot, i.e reading or writing, the LED stays red.
I am using the UR opensource rs485 cap, as well as the tool_communication program in order to communicate using Pymodbus with the robot.
I have executed many functionalities, and as I said, everything is working fine, except for the red LED.
By checking the Input Registers Byte 2, the gFLT returns 0x09, which corresponds to "No communication for at least 1 second."

I am not sure how to go on to fix this error.  I do not think it should be left as it is, as it may be confused with overheating by the end user.
My idea was that in my program, I would launch a thread that is constantly reading the status register at 10hz, and update some variables i.e position, gFLT, gSTA, etc, which can then be accessed by other parts of the program or the main thread in order to use those variables for feedback purposes. This would then keep the communication on all the time.

My two concerns are:
1. Will this kind of polling (constant reading) cause overheating for the gripper (which could lead to FAULT status 0x08 )?
2. I am not sure about the following, but assuming that we can only read from the Input/status registers, isn't it being updated by some other process internal to the gripper? Could my constant reading lead to some conflict with that process, or causing me to read old messages instead of the real-time ones?
3. What are your suggestions for bypassing the FAULT 0x09"No communication for at least 1 second." error?
4. In simple terms: Will it cause any problems constantly reading from the the Input/Status registers or is this the way it is made to be?

Thank you very much, and I appreciate your response : )