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@matthewd92 do you have a rq_reset() before your activate and wait ?
I do not. We are running 3.3.3. I didn't see that in the tutorial either but I'll have to look again but the activate doesn't work in the tutorial either so assuming it's not. I'll try adding it this afternoon and report back. 


@lawrence this program was built with the legacy software package for UR. I assume you have installed the URCap package for the 2-Finger Gripper?   If so, you can still use this program but you will need to suppress or delete the first two lines of the BeforeStart section (rq_before_start.script and rq_script.script). You can refer to this section of the instruction manual for further details. With the URCap, you also do not need to use subprograms to create a gripper action. You can go in the Structure tab, and then in the URCaps tab and click on Gripper to add a gripper action. Go in the Command tab to edit it. 


@Colin Uninstall the gripper URCap.