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You could use the spiral search with the built-in force monitoring. It's not as precise as an external FT sensor but may work. 

How repeatable/precise is is the measurement coming from the camera?  Understand the robot only has a precision of .004"/0.1mm so if your hole tolerance is less than that the robot will have a hard time anyways. 

Another option without seeing your gauge is to provide some lead-in on the edge of the gauge and then allow the robot to float in the XY directions while you move the gauge in the Z direction allowing the gauge to find its own way into the hole.  You would use the force wizard and a frame motion type to achieve this. 
@matthewd92 Thanks for your response.

I don't know exactly what you mean in your third paragraph. And how can I implement the spiral search in Polyscope?



@Student So here are a couple of examples of using a pin to gauge a hole.  The first image is of a standard type pin gauge, where there is a nice square corner which you as a human can still easily handle.  The second shows the gauge having some lead-in, quite exaggerated in this example.



As you can imagine its much easier to get the second one started in the hole.  By using the Force wizard you can place a waypoint inside of a force node and allow the robot to float in the XY directions if you are for example moving in the Z direction to insert the pin.

As far as how to implement the spiral search in polyscope refer to
this post.  The difference is you will need to place into a background thread a feature to find the forces on the robot

  forceOnArm = get_tcp_force() #This returns a list of forces in X,Y,Z, Rx, Ry, Rz on the TCP
  Fx = forceOnArm[0]
  Fy = forceOnArm[1]
  Fz = forceOnArm[2]

You could the just substitute this into program that @Tyler_Berryman produced.  The thread where the idea Tyler did came from is located here

Hope this helps


Thanks! Nice work!