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jangjang Posts: 1 Recruit
I am studying using UR3, Wrist Camera, FT300.

In order to conduct robot research using a PC, the FT300 receives data by connecting directly to a PC.

But in case of Wrist Camera, I do not know the port number and I can not use the command because I do not know the command.


Like the method of the link above, I tried to get information about the object recognized by the camera with TCP.

I connected to the 29999 port dashboard on my PC to run the pendant program, and I passed the parameters from the camera back to the PC via TCP communication.

In this way, it takes about 14 seconds for the camera to turn off and on.

So we want to get information about how to find objects with the camera and get them to the PC.


I tried the above link method but it failed.

Anyone know anything about this?


  • Etienne_SamsonEtienne_Samson Beta Tester Beetle, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 419 Handy
    @jang the wrist camera can only be used on the UR robot, you could start scripts that are using the camera form your PC but you cannot remotely control the camera.
    Etienne Samson
    Technical Support Director
    +1 418-380-2788 ext. 207
    [email protected]
  • David_GariepyDavid_Gariepy Beta Tester Beetle, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 190 Handy
    @jang This won't give you control of the camera but If needed, you can get the image of the camera on your pc. 
    See this post for details. 
    David Gariépy
    Integration Coach
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