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Kaleb_RodesKaleb_Rodes Posts: 46Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers, Beta Tester Camera URCap 1.2.0-beta Handy
Can we see the live image from the wrist camera when it’s trying to locate the part?

On the UR teach pendant and/or externally (e.g. computer screen)?
Kaleb Rodes
Applications Engineer

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  • PierreOlivier_ProulxPierreOlivier_Proulx Posts: 61 Handy
    edited August 2016 Accepted Answer
    @Kaleb_Rodes On the teach pendant that is not possible, you can only have the annotated image that was processed for the part detection.

    However from an external pc you can have the live image from a web browser. There are two use cases:
    1. The robot program is not running. In this case you can access the image from this uri
    2. The program is running. In this case, before accessing the image as in 1., you must issue this command to the vision server:
    You can use your browser with an autorefresh plugin to automatically send the commands. The result is however not really 'live'. The is a large delay.

    Pierre-Olivier Proulx
    Software Designer
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