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We actually travel with an 8020 base on wheels.  The thing that we love about it is the ability to wheel it through a customers facility, right up to the machine or area that they want to automate and show them a simple integration into their application.  Its gets a lot of attention when you wheel the robot through the reception area and right into the conference room.

I will try to get a picture of it later today and post on here if anyone is interested in seeing it.  Its a bit cumbersome but fits nicely in the back of our work van.  We also incorporated a quick disconnect for the robot allowing it to slide on and off very quickly.  We basically pull up to a customer, pull out the stand, slide the robot onto the stand, put the control cabinet on and off we roll into the customers office.

Hi Matthew, could you post a picture or video of your 8020 base on wheels?  I have a similar need for in-house and customer demos.


Hey guys,

I'm jumping in this thread as I've been supporting a few of our clients with similar designs and applications at Some of them wanted a table that's similar to what Michael showed, while others needed stands similar to Matthew's.

I just put together a foldable stand (like an umbrella, maybe it's the rainy days that got the better of me) that's similar to another assembly we did in the past so you can get the idea. I also made a table that can collapse into a panel. I attached some picture of the designs and would love to hear your feedback - pay attention to the hinges I added to deploy/fold both assemblies ;) We also just added Vention mounting plates for Universal Robots' UR3, UR5 and UR10.

And by the way, both designs are public on the platform. Feel free to customize as much as you'd like (the CAD is free)! And if you feel like it, you can also order directly from the site. I've also attached a quick picture at what our parts look like "in real-life" just in case.