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  • Barrios
    Hi, thank you for your time, I am kind of new on UR do you know where can i find instructions on how to change LOCAL, TRUE, SET, WHILE, SLEEP and how to type the tread? thank you 
    you did answered to me:
    You can set the output to be low when not running, that will set it off anytime the program stops. 

    You would then need a thread monitoring the actual desired state of the button and setting the actual state to the desired state. So in your main program instead of setting the output on or off you would set the state to True or False, something like this.  Just set the thread to loop forever, that way when you restart the program the glue will turn back on if its needed to be

    local turnGlueOn = True # Would cause the glue to turn on
    turnGlueOn = False #Would cause the glue to turn off
    thread 1():
      set_standard_digital_out(PORT, turnGlueOn)
      while(get_standard_digital_out(PORT) == turnGlueOn):
    March 11