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Dear @bcastets,
thanks for the answer.

Our flange is not the "pneumatic" one but the "touch pneumatic", which is a different model and it has only the following ports:
1 Air 1 air connection
2 Air 2 air connection
3 X3 power supply, digital inputs/outputs
4 X2 EtherCat

Here is the drawing from the KUKA docs:


Upon reading again the thread
here, I noticed that the B kit does not give a power cable but just a connector:
3F IIWA Cable Kit (pneumatic flange)
- M12 5 pins female power connector (X36)
 - 20cm M8 cable (4 pins) for communication

Is that correct?

The M12 5 pins female actually matches the power connection on the gripper (if I am not mistaken), so I suppose we have to customize the "X3 to nothing" cable we got from KUKA and add the M12/5pins connector on the empty side, so that we can connect from X3 to the gripper power port.

Which of the 17 wires of X3 should we use?
The KUKA Media Flange manual lists the following for X3 port:
1 MF_Output_0
2 MF_Output_3
3 MF_Input_3
4 MF_Input_4
5 GND_24V
6 GND_24V
7 Output_VCC
8 Output_VCC
9 Output_VCC
10 MF_input_0
11 MF_Output_1
12 MF_Output_2
13 MF_input_2
14 GND_24V
15 Output_VCC
16 MF_Input_1
17 GND_24V
Previous page of the flange manual says "Note: The 4 Output_VCC and GND_24V pin pairs must be connected."

The Robotiq 3-finger gripper manual says the 5 pins on its port are used as following:
1 RS485 GND
2 24V
3 0V

So I suppose we should just connect the first 3 pins on the gripper end (4 and 5 being unused).

Which of the 17 wires coming from KUKA/X3 should we use?