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Catherine_BernierCatherine_Bernier Posts: 144 Handy
edited April 2016 in Integration
This how-to is intended for the Robotiq 3-Finger 3.X.X, Kuka IIWA media flange and Kuka Sunrise Cabinet

What you need :

  • Robotiq 3-Finger gripper

  • Coupling for the gripper AGS-APL-157

  • Robotiq IIWA cable kit (electrical or pneumatic media flange) AGS-IIWA-CABLE-KIT-A/B

How to do it :

Mechanical Assembly

  • Install the coupling of the gripper on the Kuka IIWA wrist.

  • Install the gripper on the coupling.

Electrical and Communication installation

Kuka’s communication protocol is EtherCAT. So the built-in controller of the 3-Finger gripper converts the signal from RS485 to EtherCAT.

  • Connect the M8(electrical)/M12(pneumatic) cable for the power to the gripper and to the flange. (X36)

  • Connect the M8 communication cable to the gripper and to the flange.

  • Configure the inputs/outputs in WorkVisual

  • And you are good to go in Sunrise OS.

Enjoy the wire free Robotiq 3-Finger gripper!

Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 


  • SamNewSamNew Posts: 6 Apprentice
    Hello, we have purchase a 3 finger gripper (ethercat) for our kuka iiwa, is it possible to control the gripper using ROS after I configure it using Workvisual and Sunrise OS?
  • David_LevasseurDavid_Levasseur Beta Tester Beetle Posts: 182 Handy
    @jproberge, do you think you could assist @SamNew please?
  • jprobergejproberge Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 41 Crew
    Hello @SamNew !

    You indeed can control our 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper with ROS using the Ethercat protocol. However, just to be sure I properly understood your question, will there be two different nodes ( 1-ROS and 2-Workvisual) on the same Ethercat network trying to change the gripper's parameters?   

    Best regards,

    Jean-Philippe Roberge, 
    ROS Package Developper / Maintainer 
    [email protected]
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 486 Expert
    We have some time to time people asking picture of Kit A and Kit B.

    I share it here below:

    3F IIWA Cable Kit (electrical flange)
    - 20cm M8 cable (3 pins) for power (X36)
     - 20cm M8 cable (4 pins) for communication (Modbus TCP, EtherCAT) (X2)

    3F IIWA Cable Kit (pneumatic flange)
    - M12 5 pins female power connector (X36)
     - 20cm M8 cable (4 pins) for communication (Modbus TCP, EtherCAT) (X2)

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