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quanluuquanluu Posts: 3 Apprentice
I have a question regarding a technical issue of the 2F-140 gripper.

I am doing research to develop a robotic finger that can send the touch feedback to ROS controllers, and in turn, will immediately stop gripper movement. This developed finger was integrated into your 2F-140 gripper for grasping action.

The problem is that once the TO POSITION command is sent to the gripper, we cannot stop the closing/opening action (when there is an object detected) before it reaches the set (target) position.

I do NOT want to use the object detection feature that came with the gripper product (built-in feature). So is there any way that we can stop the gripper before it reaches to target position, or possible to override the built-in (object detection) feedback signal?

Thank you for your help in advance.


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