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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 652 Expert
edited December 2020 in Programming
I would like to share we you a solution to adjust force parameter after gripping an object.

When you close 2F or Hand-e gripper on an object, you have to set 3 parameters:
  • Finger position
  • Speed parameter
  • Force parameter

Once the gripper hit the object, the object detection feature is trigger and the gripper secure the grip on the object. The gripper can have 2 possible behaviour after hitting an object.
  1. If the force parameter is 0, the gripper stay at the position where it hit this object.
  2. If the force is more than 1, the gripper motor continue to apply some force on the mechanism to always have the minimum possible distance between the fingers. The force apply by the motor is the same whatever the force parameter used for the closing.
Once the object detection have been triggered, changing the force parameter have no effect.

To apply a new force parameter, you are the proceed as follow:
  1. Change the force parameter to the new value
  2. Request the gripper to move to current position. This will disengage object detection. 
  3. Request a full close
It works but still the best is to keep the same parameter after closing on an object. The impact of the fingers on the object have an important effect on the grip force.


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