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I would like to share with you a concept program to do dispensing with wrist camera.

This concept is inspired of 2 related DoF articles:

This program structure solves 3 common problems face with dispensing application:

1-The position of the profile on which the robot have to do dispensing may vary. The robot have to be capable to do dispensing whatever the position of the profile.

We will use the Robotiq Wrist Camera to solve this problem.

2-The dispensing trajectory have to be easy to edit. It may happen that after you complete your first program you need to adjust some waypoints. It is necessary to have an easy way to do those adjustments.

3-The dispensing tool attached to the robot often comes with a lot of surrounding equipment like pipes supplying dispensing material. This equipment impose some motion restriction to the robot. To avoid any problem, the robot should as much as possible keep the same tool orientation.

The keep the same tool orientation, the z orientation of the TCP is adjusted to compensate the z rotation of the waypoints.

This TCP adjustment is done just before the relative trajectory.