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Hello Pros,

The Gripper URCap introduced another new feature: Force and Speed Limitation.

[NEW] Force and speed of adaptive grippers can be limited by users.

Please see
this DoF post for other details about this release.

Grippers product manuals will be updated shortly. This feature only applies to finger grippers.

Default password is:

See the following screenshots for more details on using this new feature.

Accessing the Force and Speed Limitation

To access  this feature, go to Installation > URCaps > Gripper > Configuration.

Unlocking Force and Speed Limitations

To modify the values of fields "Maximum speed" and "Maximum force", first authorize changes. Enter password rqsafe into the Password field, then tap Unlock.

Modifying Force and Speed Limitations

After unlocking settings, the Unlock button turns to Lock. Tap inside the "Maximum speed" and/or "Maximum force" boxes, and enter values.

Password Management

To change the default password, access the Configuration tab, then tap Change password. You can then input the current password (default = rqsafe), specify your new password, and confirm it. Tap Change to commit your new password.

Visual Cue: "Limited" Label

When adding gripper commands to a program (see following screenshot) or issuing them via the Adaptive Gripper tab (see last screenshot), the label "Limited" will be shown under the Speed and Force icons, if they have been limited.