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vallavoievallavoie Posts: 5Unconfirmed, Vacuum Beta tester Apprentice
edited July 2019 in Robotiq Products
Hello Pros,

The Adaptive Gripper URCap v1.6.0.4 was released June 18, 2019.

This latest URCap supports two new gripping devices, the E Pick and Air Pick vacuum grippers.

Compatible with PolyScope 3.7 and later.
Compatible with PolyScope 5.1 and later.

Firmware version in upgrader
Gripper 2F GC3-1.6.2
Gripper Hand-E GD1-1.3.6
Vacuum Gripper E Pick GU1-1.0.1
Vacuum Gripper Air Pick GV1-1.0.1




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