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jfuhrerjfuhrer Posts: 1 Recruit
I recently updated the force torque sensor URCaps to version 1.3.0 and path recording has stopped working. When I record a path, the program is unable to play it back. However, the system is recording the path because it is able to recall the first and last points. Still, the playback function does not work. When I embed this function in a program, it will stop on the "before start" part of the path structure. The program will execute any move functions inside of this "before start", but it will stop there and not execute the rest of the program.

In version 1.0.3, the path recording works with free drive, but the active drive toolbar "cannot find primary server", which is an error I am unfamiliar with. In addition, FT Mode seems to have the same behavior where the program will get "stuck" inside of the instruction, with or without a child path.

In the log tab, the last function to be called is start_node_executor. Is this possibly where the issue stems from? Perhaps is it a compatibility error? My controller is a CB3.1 and I am running PolyScope version 3.5.4.


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