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We already have a solution?


We already have a solution?
UR has added the new dedicated RTDE register in Polyscope 3.9.  The latest UR cap is then only compatible from 3.9.

We have a customer with PolyV3.9 and Urcaps 1.9.2 and Profinet.


Hello Pros,

Robotiq is aware of a compatibility issue between the FT Sensor URCap (UCS-1.3.0) and UR's Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) interface. 
Activating the Ethernet/IP or Profinet communication protocol while using UCS-1.3.0 will prevent the FT 300 Sensor's server from communicating with the robot program.

Robotiq recommends using another communication protocol in conjunction with the FT 300 Sensor.

Thank you for your collaboration.
Hi ,
The new Release Polyscope Version 3.11 say:
ยท It is now possible to subscribe to all RTDE 
output variables from single client using 
one recipe. 
Number of allowed RTDE clients 
increased by three. Up to 6 external 
clients can connect simultaneously"

Solve the problem for using Profinet or Ethernet IP with FT300?