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Good day,
we use a Robotiq camera in some application, where robot has to take simple objects from pallet. Pallet resolution is 8x6x10(rows), between every row is a carton, which robot takes away after taking 48 of parts. But there were really big bug by taking more snapshot positions. If I create more than 7 snapshots, program goes more slower and gets an error ,,java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space". After creating 8 or 9 snapshots error message was still showing and after restarting a robot, I wasn't able to open my program and installation file, because of that error, so I had to do all snashots again. So there's no possibility to use more snapshots in one program. I thing it would be better to save snapshots on robot disk outside of installation file..  I thought about solution 2 where I make one snapshot position and after script ,,Ignore_snapshot_position=True" it would go well but it doesn't. It goes well in XY pallet, so robot takes all of 48 parts, but no part in second row. Does it mean that camera doesn't ignore Z position but just X and Y?

Question 2: is there any possibility to do this thing? -> If somebody gets away one part so camera won't find a part and robot turns one position next? I did it thru palletizing function, is there that possibility? 
My note is, that there would be good to get more functions to camera and possibilities to scripting. Because that camera program is really closed and for example if I wanted to change some contrast, brightness, colors etc. I wasn't able to save it... WHY?? :-O