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BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice
Hi Everyone,

I had to change for reaction need a Modbus 2F gripper to an IO one.
I noticed that the mechanical key code (guide key) was changed from 180° on the gripper related to the robot.
Did someone already see this?

Is it normal?

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  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 486 Expert
    Our coupling for TM robot are oriented so that you can mount all our tools (especially vacuum gripper with bracket) without interfering with the camera.
    What do you mean by "guide key" ? Do you mean the pin used to align the coupling on the flange of the robot ?
  • BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice
    Yes, this is what I meant.
    The pin is not at the same place depending on the kind of gripper interface.
    There is an angle of 180° in between the IO and modbus version.
    I do have photo if you need !
  • BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice

    As you can see, the pin is 180° dephased...
    Meaning that gripper is 180° dephased too.

    If it is perfectly symetric, no issue, if not... you have to learn again all your point from one tool to the other.
  • BobbypointeBobbypointe Posts: 14 Apprentice
    This is a pitty.
    Changing from one to the other was linked to some reaction latency of the Modbus version and some other unpredicted stuff on the program itself.
    Having a 'norm' to design your gripper / vacuum and so one would have been a great stuff.

    The good point here is that we are aware of this now.
    So we will take care of it.

  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 486 Expert
    I will share your feedback to our product owner.
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