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Hi there! 
I am very new to the robotic field and just started to experiment with the UR5 (software version PolyScope I have mounted and connected Adaptive Gripper 2-Finger to the UR5. I followed the steps on the quick start guide, I've downloaded the latest .urcap file (Robotiq_Grippers-1.4.0.urcap) and set up the robot accordingly and restart. The guide says to activate the URCaps, when I select URCaps, it shows Robotiq_Grippers under active URCaps however with a warning sign next to it and the gripper toolbar does not appear. I assume that the problem can be compatibility, I tried the same steps with the previous version UCG-1.2.1 which might be not compatible as well, but those are the only options that I can see on the website. 
It would be great if anyone has any idea how to solve the problem? Thanks :smile:



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