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We are having a communication problem with a 2-Finger Gripper when connecting through ethernet. We have the Ethernet/IP version of our Universal Controller. When we use the user interface and connect the controller to PC  using USB port everything seems to be working. When we use Ethernet connection, the user interface can't find the gripper, though the LED is solid blue and we can ping the gripper's IP. 

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  • tayataya Posts: 2 Recruit
    Hi @David_Levasseur, i'm having the same problem. My setup was moved and now i cannot run the tcpnode or contact the gripper with ros but i can ping it. I think the problem is coming from the port 502 that seems to be closed but i cannot open it. If you have an idea it would be most useful.
  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 40 Handy
    Hi @taya, this one case was solved by changing the Universal controller to Modbus/TCP after answering this question: Is the Universal Controller connected to a regular network card on your computer or do you have an Ethernet/IP card? Even though you can ping the device, you will not be able to control it if you don't have an Ethernet/IP scanner. Maybe your previous setup had such an Ethernet/IP scanner. For a regular network card, you need Modbus/TCP communication option instead. 

    This should solve your issue.

  • tayataya Posts: 2 Recruit
    Thank you for your answer. I managed to get it working. All my ip’s addresses got mixed up somehow, my computer was pinging himself. I reconfigured them all, turned off the gripper controller and it was working again. 
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