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@ssandberg , @mhowe , Typically, this issue is caused by a communication drop between the camera and the gripper. We will release a new vision URCap shortly and we hope it will fix this issue. In our lab, it has significantly improved the stability of the communication. If you guys, or anyone who has a similar issue, want to be part of the beta testing program for this release, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

 I'm very interested in this, please let me know as soon as this is available.  Occasionally the camera has some very long delays as well, could the communication issue also cause that?

Just for testing, I tried replacing the cable on the camera and that didn't seem to help. I am also running a fair amount of threads with one of them containing quite a few modbus reads and writes. I don't know if that would affect the communication to the  robotiq products as well.

Dany Nolet

Dear @ssandberg, can you please confirm me on your "Installation - Camera - Dashboard" panel, what are the versions of URCap, Vision server & Camera Firmware?

We have been working a lot on this issue with our suppliers and I just want to make sure you have all the same components that work flawlessly in house in heavy testing since we made the changes.

Thanks in advance