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This answer was originally posted by Lars Skovsgaard. Click here for the original post.

When setting up your cobot it is a good idea to have some advanced knowledge of the software functions that are available to use with it. Is it a proprietary system that needs to be coded by an expert in the robot manufacturers system or is it a ROS Industrial open source system or perhaps some combination of the two. When looking at UR and Robotiq software compatibility you can be sure they have worked together before and that there is available information to help you if you hit a snag in your program. Following are 5 functions that the UR and Robotiq combination make use of that might help in your application:

  1. Safety plane functions
  2. Robotiq ready-made widgets for controlling their Grippers on Universal Robots
  3. Euromap 67 interface
  4. Force mode
  5. Script and socket programming

For details about each function, read the complete article here.