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gadha007gadha007 Posts: 2 Recruit
edited November 2017 in Robotiq Products
Hi All,

We are using the Robotiq 140 mm C-gripper coupled with the WristCamera and the FT300 on a UR5 for university research. As we need this entire manipulator setup to work with other external sensing systems, our preference is to do this all via ROS. To ths end, I have figured out how to get the gripper and arm to be controlled via ROS and am looking into the WristCamera which is not as detailed. I see that the camera is detected by Ubuntu which means I should be able to calibrate it through ROS, right? Also, I was wondering if there's any way to contorl the flash via ROS.

Looking forward to your reply! Tagging some gurus on here too :)@Laurie @carlosjoserg @David_Levasseur


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