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mohamamimohamami Posts: 1 Recruit
Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding using URSim 3.4.5. Is it possible to connect to a virtual universal robot and pass it instructions using python statements/commands? I do not have access to the actual universal robot but am hoping to control a virtual one using a python script that I made.


  • JacobBomJacobBom Posts: 11 Handy
    The URSim either in native Linux or as the VM has the same Ethernet interfaces as the physical robot. 
    Hence, you should be fully able to connect to the (simulated) robot using the Python script. 
    The ports (e.g. for RTDE on 30004/TCP) are all unchanged.

    Actually, the only difference is that hand-teaching, digital inputs and force limit protective stops are not available. 
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