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We have been trying to use your gripper for a project, but have gotten stuck trying to control it using Modbus TCP, which is what the controller was configured to use. The problem we are having is that when attempting to write 1 to register #1 and 0 to register #2 and #3, after which the gripper should go to open position and be ready for use, we instead get no movement and the response "C5 B3 80 80 0 3 82 84 1" in hex, from what we can understand from the documentation, this packet is using another protocol ( 80 80 instead of modbus' 0 0), followed by three bytes of data, two with an unknown meaning and the last one possibly being an errorcode for invalid function.
We are able to open/close the gripper using Modbus TCP using the Robotiq user interface, so the problem doesn't seem to be in the hardware.
We are using the controller "CONTROLLER K-1221" if that is of any help.

we thank you for your time and are looking forward to your reply


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