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I've been successfully streaming torque data off the robot using the StreamToCSV utility provided by Robotiq for some time now, but have run into a challenge.  The current application required expanded IO so a Phoenix Contact block that communicates via Modbus was incorporated into my setup. 

The problem I have now is that with the Modbus protocol active I can't seem to get the utility to connect and stream data any longer, it starts, searches for connection and terminates.  I can ping the IP via the windows command prompt, but that's the extent of verification. 

If I enable the Ethernet protocol specifically to allow communication with my PC, the controller displays a C207A0:Fieldbus input disconnected error when I try to play the program and won't execute the program.

Is there any way short of deleting all my Modbus input/output blocks and associated programming to still stream the data from the torque cell for analysis?  I'm open to solutions which may involve downloading a txt file from the UR controller after program execution if its viable.



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