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Iam a PhD student, My thesis is about to develop a new control law for a mobile manipulator ( Robuter/ULM).

Note that : RobuTER/ULM consists of a six-dof ultra-light manipulator (ULM) with two-fingered electrical gripper, carried on a rectangular differentially-driven non-holonomic mobile base (RobuTER).

So far I did determin the direct geometric model for the mobile manipulator (mobile Base + Manipulator) , but I didn’t succeed to caculate the inverse geometric model of the mobile manipulator (Base+Manipulator),

 I really appriciate your help, and thanks in advance.




  • SamirSamir Posts: 2 Recruit

    I am looking if It does exist a software which can calculate the kinematic forward and invers?

    I really appreciate any feed back.

    Thanks in advance


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