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@armormodeller we have the center of mass for our product combo listed in each manual in section 6, specification, under mechanical specs. FT-150 is not listed though, we will add it and let you know shortly.

Your second questions I'm not sure to understand, if you are talking about center of mass change with the finger opening don't bother, that's way too little for the UR.

And for the part weight, yes, you should dynamically change the payload in your program, you should be using function set_payload, here is it's description from the UR script manual:

set payload(m, CoG)
Set payload mass and center of gravity Alternatively one could use set payload mass and set payload cog. Sets the mass and center of gravity (abbr. CoG) of the payload. This function must be called, when the payload weight or weight distribution changes - i.e when the robot picks up or puts down a heavy workpiece. The CoG argument is optional - if not provided, the Tool Center Point (TCP) will be used as the Center of Gravity (CoG). If the CoG argument is omitted, later calls to set tcp(pose) will change CoG to the new TCP. The CoG is specified as a vector, [CoGx, CoGy, CoGz], displacement, from the toolmount.
Parameters m: mass in kilograms
CoG: Center of Gravity: [CoGx, CoGy, CoGz] in meters. Optional.