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Vinay4505Vinay4505 Posts: 1 Recruit
Sir, I have a major trouble about it that I am confused about it that which course of study I should select if i want to make a programmed car with very high programmed features means I don't want make a simple car i want to make a highly programming car.
And also i want to know about robots how they work and more on.
Even I want to make make a car which have a features of a robot.
So tell me which course I should select


  • Annick_MottardAnnick_Mottard Posts: 147 Handy
    Hi @Vinay4505 tell us more about your project, what kind of car do you want to design and program? Have you already worked with robots or is this a new field for you? When you mention you want to select a course, do you mean undergraduate or graduate studies?  

    Keep the community informed!

    Annick Mottard
    Product Expert
    [email protected] 
  • Tyler_BerrymanTyler_Berryman Posts: 122 Handy
    @Vinay4505, I understand your confusion regarding the course selection that would be appropriate to obtain all the necessary knowledge to be able to tackle such a complex project. 

    Here is a blog article that we published a few months ago that goes through the core subjects related to robotics. The core subjects are very similar for both robotics and a self-driving car. I would suggest reading this article to get a top-level idea of the requirements for such a complex system.


    Lastly, I would also like to add that you will probably not be able to find a single undergraduate or graduate level program that will provide all the knowledge required to complete a self-driving car. But, a degree in engineering at either the undergraduate level or graduate level will give you the tools and learning method required to learn almost anything! What you can learn on your own afterwards is only limited by the effort you want to invest in your project.
    Tyler Berryman
    Robotiq Integration Coach
    [email protected]
    1-418-380-2788, option 3
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