DoF - a Robotiq Community
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The Dof Community was shut down in June 2023. This is a read-only archive.
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Not sure where to ask your question? Here's the general idea:

  • Application
    Post here anything that relates to the business process of going from idea to having a robot working on your shop floor. Examples of questions and topics are:
    - Can I automate this process? (put pictures and videos!)
    - How to calculate the ROI of putting a robot here?
    - How to get the team on board on my new robot project?
    - Here's the result of my automation project, how I did it and lessons learned.

  • Integration
    Post here anything that involves putting different pieces together, attaching them mechanically, electrically, having them to communicate.
    - Gripper with robot
    - Sensor with robot
    - Robot with PLC
    - Camera with robot
    - Robot with CNC

  • Programming
    Post here questions on robot programming, share pieces of code, etc.
    - How this robot function work?
    - Here's an example of program that I did. (share the code and a video)
    - Tutorial on robot functions.

Hey, don't worry if you're unsure. Just post it and we will provide feedback. We can always move it to a different category after!