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This how-to is intended for the Robotiq 2-Finger 85 3.X.X, the Robotiq FT-150 1.X and any UR using controller CB2 / CB3
You have a video that explain all the following below

What you need :

  • Robotiq UR combo kit for 2-Finger 85 / FT-150 (includes all cables and hardware)
  • UR 3, 5 or 10 robot with controller CB2 or CB3
  • Metric Allen key set (3, 4, 5 mm)
  • 2 mm slotted screwdriver

How to do it :

Mechanical installation :

  • Insert the provided 6 mm dowel pin into the UR wrist
  • Mount the FT-150 adapter plate on the UR wrist, fix with the provided M6 x 10 mm screws
  • Mount the FT-150 on the adapter plate, fix with the provided M4 x 35 mm screws
  • Insert the provided 6 mm dowel pin into the FT-150 tool side flange
  • Mount the 2-Finger 85 coupling on the FT 150 tool side flange, fix with the provided M4 x 10 mm screws
  • Mount the 2-Finger 85 on it's coupling, fix with the provided M5 x 35 mm screws

Electrical installation :

  • Connect the 2-Finger 85 pigtail cable to the device cable (straight one)
  • Connect the FT-150 connector to the device cable (angled one)
  • Pass your cable along the robot arm, make sure you have enough cable forgiveness to allow the UR to move freely in all directions. Attach with tie-wrap (or any cable holding system, may look better then tie-wraps...)
  • For both cables, wire the RS-485 to USB converter and wire the power to the UR controller according to this schematic :zoom
  • Note : USB converters will be plugged into a single USB hub splitter 

Software setup :

You are now ready to program ! I'll do another post concerning the template program for both Gripper and Sensor together.