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Back in 2015, seeking to offer integrated solutions to end-users, we brought the following updates on the 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper:

• Low Force Mode: Handle fragile and soft objects, was improved with the latest firmware release

• Secure Grip feature: Secure uneven objects or objects that tend to slip (embedded feature)

Low force mode and Secure Grip are implemented with firmware 1.3.0 and above, to get the latest firmware update, please contact and send us your product serial number.

Low Force Code details :
When force setting (see this post on how to set force and speed) is set to 0, the Gripper will turn to "low force mode" enabling the lowest possible force, and disabling the Secure Grip feature. Use this force when picking fragile and deformable object. The image below shows expected grip force when picking a soft deformable object (detailed charts for various payload material can be found inside the
Gripper manual section 4.5) :

Secure Grip feature details :
Secure Grip feature is automatically enable for any force setting between 1 and 255 (0 disable it, to allow Low Force Mode). This feature works by enabling a small continuous current applied to the Gripper motor, thus, when the payload slips, the motor enter motion, and the Gripper close automatically on the part to keep grip of it.

If you want to learn about the control feature of the 2F (85 or 140), read this blog post by @mathbelanger Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette and watch the following video (some nice beats included) :