DoF - a Robotiq Community
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The Dof Community was shut down in June 2023. This is a read-only archive.
If you have questions about Robotiq products please reach our support team.

This short post contains all the info you need to get the most out of DoF.

Community Guidelines

These are the rules by which all the DoF Pros use the community.  Make sure you
read the guidelines and above all, make sure you respect them.

Your Profile

Having a good profile helps the DoF Pros understand what you're about.

Social Sign-on

You can log into DoF using your Google or Linkedin. To do so, log out and click on the social icon of your choice to use the social login.

Asking and answering a question

You can ask as many questions as you like - the DoF Pros will be happy to help out.  
Give back and take the time to answer some questions too! Your own expertise is valuable and helpful to the DoF Pros.

Referencing someone else

You can address another DoF user in a comment by using @ followed by their username. For example, typing @karine will notify me that I was mentioned in the comment!

Upvoting, Downvoting, Flagging

When you like or dislike something, make sure to let the DoF community know! Upvoting, downvoting and flagging content helps the other DoF Pros know where the best info can be found.

Categories and Tags

The community is organized in categories and tags. Categories regroup discussions and questions under themes, such as how-to's or troubleshooting. Tags help identify the content in each post: the product, communication protocol, or brand mentioned. Categories and tags help people find what they are looking for quicker.

Email notifications

You can decide when you receive notifications from DoF. Make sure to adjust them so you get the right amount of email or pop-ups.

Privacy Policy

Read the privacy policy before posting sensitive content. 

Report a problem

If are having issues using DoF, check the Newbie Questions thread, or email the DoF Crew.