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This how-to is intended for Robotiq 2-Finger (85 or 140) version 2.x or 3.x, 3-Finger of any version and 2-Finger 200 of version 1.X
Power source is the backbone of all electrical appliances surrounding us. The main role of a power supply is to adapt the incoming high voltage alternating current (AC) to safer low voltage direct current (DC), like those used in many devices around us. If you would like to read about what you need to look at when choosing a power supply for your Robotiq device, read this blog post [email protected]
Choosing the right power supply will help ensure that your robot device functions properly. Remember that all Robotiq devices operate on 24 V DC supply.

Here is a table for power supply of Robotiq Grippers :

And another one for the Robotiq FT-Sensor :

Where it is available, Robotiq recommend the use of TDK-Lambda DPP Series power supplies, or any equivalent.

For Universal Robots installation, the UR controller can be used to supply any Robotiq device that requires 1 A of current and less, otherwise, an external power supply should be used.
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