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JonnoJonno Posts: 2 Recruit
edited January 2017 in Robotiq Products
I'm having an issue with the reflection in the part I am trying to pick up is being caused by the flash on the camera. Is there anyway to turn the flash off? 

I am running software 1.0.2. 
I tried 1.1.1 but it was causing lots more issues. 



  • Annick_MottardAnnick_Mottard Posts: 147 Handy
    @Jonno just opened up a support ticket for this situation. What further issues are you getting with the 1.1.1 version? Concerning the reflection on your part, you can refer to this DoF post, as well as this one.
    Annick Mottard
    Product Expert
    [email protected] 
  • JonnoJonno Posts: 2 Recruit

    We are having issues with the calibration. When we calibrate it shows an error saying that there isn't enough reachable positions. Also if we use the same calibration from the previous software, when teaching the part it comes up with the same issue. These positions work with software 1.0.2.

    Could you send me the .rar file for 1.0.2 please?

  • Etienne_SamsonEtienne_Samson Beta Tester Beetle, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 419 Handy
    @Jonno to follow-up on this, I explained your colleague Matt that the calibration and the snapshot position does not have to be the same. That's the trick, and the software doesn't explicitly tells you.

    Keep your Snapshot position there, it's fine.

    On the Calibration step, move the board away (but on the same plane) on some place were the robot will have enough reach to scan the board. Move the robot, stay away from singularities and start the calibration.

    The only thing you need to keep is the plane, the calibration board must be on the same plane with same height then the Snapshot position will be looking at, but beside that it can be anywhere else.
    Etienne Samson
    Technical Support Director
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    [email protected]
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