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Hi Pros,

As @JeanPhilippe_Jobin announced in his post
here, we have a software update for the Camera Locate URCaps. Here is a small "How-To" video going through all the installation steps for this new package.

If you already had the Wrist Camera with the previous 1.0 URCaps version, you will need to upgrade the camera's firmware. Do not worry, this process is now very simple. As shown in the video, there is a dashboard that contains all the troubleshooting, installation and versions information. When you install the vision server, the process will stop before starting the vision system and the update camera firmware button will appear to update the firmware. Click on it and continue with the installation. 

You can view more details about the installation steps and the firmware update in the online version of the Wrist Camera's instruction manual

Let us know how you like this software update!