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This how-to is intended for Robotiq 2-Finger (85 or 140) version 2.x or 3.x, 3-Finger of any version and 2-Finger 200 of version 1.X

Preliminary information :

The Robotiq devices (2-Finger with external controller or 3-Finger) are all configured the same, as a slave unit, compatible with DeviceNet.

We respect DeviceNet standards, you will find the necessary ressources at ODVA to get in depth with DeviceNet.

This standard includes the use of 120 Ohms terminating resistor, which could be a topic on its own. Just know that it is the integrator duty to set this terminating resistor, Robotiq does not use any.

How to set communication :

First, wire your Robotiq device according to it's instruction (power with 24V DC) here are the wiring schematics for DeviceNet using the Robotiq Controller :

And the same schematic for the Robotiq 3-Finger :

Secondly, you need to configure communication with your master, here are the configuration parameters and ID settings (from the instruction manual) :

These parameters can be automatically set in your robot master if this master can take the EDS files from support.robotiq.com.

How to control the Gripper (another discussion)

More details :

This blog post we published in 2015 by @MathieuBelanger will give you all the information you need to have a broad understanding of DeviceNet and answer these questions :
  1. What is DeviceNet
  2. How do I configure DeviceNet with a Robotiq device
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