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@Stefan_Stubgaard that is good to know about that function.  When you look to update the URScript manual, you may want to consider adding a section on debugging applications and put all of the functions that are handy for debugging in there.  I have been through the manual I can't tell you how many times but never thought of this function that way.

Does this position_deviation_warning() need to be placed before a waypoint or does it go in a background thread?

The one that I have started to use for calculated waypoints is the is_within_safety_limits() so that I can verify that the position is reachable before I try to go to it and throw an error

@Sebastien one other thing that is worth mentioning again, especially if you are using a UR10 and making a large, fast move, is to use a midpoint between the start and finish that is blended.  This allows you to effectively have a different acceleration and deceleration for the move.  As long as both waypoints share the same velocity you are able to give them each their own unique acceleration value, which becomes an accel for the first waypoint and a decel for the second waypoint.  Use as large a blend as possible to make the motion as smooth as possible.  Often times I will find this midpoint in a joint scenario by simply moving the robot from the starting point to the end point and then stop somewhere in the middle and apply a new waypoint.  This would have helped us had we thought about it a couple years ago when we had a UR10 making a 180 degree base rotation with the arm about 3/4 of the way extended.  We had issues getting the robot to stop smoothly due to the momentum it was carrying, we ultimately had to sacrifice some speed in that application to get the robot to decelerate slower so we conversely accelerated slower as well.

@Stefan_Stubgaard it would be a nice addition to be able to specify the accel and decel separately, even if its only in the URScript call and not within the Polyscope interface


@matthewd92 and @Stefan_Stubgaard, I am facing a similar problem with the UR10 with PolyScope version 3.4. It goes into C153A4 protective stop sometimes (its very random and not very frequent and not a repeatable error). This happens when the robot picks up the 4kg part and moves towards the drop location. The motion towards the drop location involves a rotation of the wrist joint but the "Protective stop" does not happen exactly during this rotation but at random in between the waypoints. Any advise on solving this issue?