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The Dof Community was shut down in June 2023. This is a read-only archive.
If you have questions about Robotiq products please reach our support team.

This how-to is intended for Robotiq Grippers (all version, any Gripper)
For Sensor software, see the post on the demo software for FT Sensor.

For in depth stuff consult the
Robotiq User Interface manual and check this blog bost by @mathbelanger.

Why use the Robotiq User Interface ?

  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Demos
  • Troubleshooting
Don't run it in your production environment !

How ?

  1. Visit, check the RUI section, download the installer.
  2. Unzip and install on your PC
  3. Power your Robotiq device with 24 V, wire the USB, plug into your PC
  4. Execute the Robotiq User Interface
  5. From the connect screen, select the appropriate COM port or click "auto-connect" if you have a single device


  6. Once connected, you can activate your Gripper, run demo, troubleshoot, configure communication, etc.