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Fanny_BorgeatFanny_Borgeat Posts: 11 Apprentice
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Hi everyone.

At  Robotiq, we believe a seminar is the perfect opportunity to teach and learn some new or improved skills. We would like to have your opinion on it. What do you expect of a good seminar? Is there something in particular that stood out to you in previous seminars you attended?   


  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
    We have a seminar planned tomorrow in our area  :) .
    What we look for with seminars is to first have qualified people who attend them. We find people who are serious about moving forward with robotics in their plant. So it is nice because we have people around the table with serious projects in mind and who are looking for solutions to real applications. So questions and discussions between the people participating is always helping people move forward with their project!
    The the seminar is a good place to set up a good demo with UR, Robotiq and other products. Revtech tries to avoid on the fly demo at clients plant because it is hard to setup a good demo in about 1hour. We therefore focus on proof of concepts that we do in house and seminars where we can go deeper into demos and answer many more questions that we would get from an on site demo at the customers plant!

    We would be happy to share some of our demo programs! That could be useful to others! Is there a place on DoF where we could share these?
  • Fanny_BorgeatFanny_Borgeat Posts: 11 Apprentice
    @Sebastien Great idea! I think the best category to share your demos would be Application. Thank you for sharing them with the community! 
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