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mikebeaucheminmikebeauchemin Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 22 Crew
edited November 2016 in Robotiq Products
Hi pros,

I had to teach a small highly reflective part with our wrist camera during a demo for a customer.  

As you can imagine the part was hardly recognizable by the camera because of the chrome finish of the part.  Since it was impossible to paint parts in the production process of the customer; I had to find another workaround to teach that part.  I've applied on the part some spray developer powder that welders are using to find cracks on welds.  Good thing is that it's easy to remove afterward and creates a white mat finish on the part.


It was then easy to teach the part with our camera.  Once taught & after cleaning the part, question was to see if that would help the camera to locate the same part contour while it's back to its natural state of chrome finish.  

As you can observe on the picture,  I was able to get a good level of part detection (80%) on the reflective parts after teaching it with the mat powder finish. That's a simple workaround turns out to be a proven way to teach reflective parts. 

Have you face this type of challenge on high reflective parts?  How did you manage it?


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