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@matthewd92 here is a short overview about earning points and badges on DoF. I also attached a document gathering all the badges and their description. 

Reputation points are earned for participation and for creating content that is liked by others. When a member performs certain actions or receives praise, he/she is awarded reputation points and in some cases badges. For example,

· Uploading a profile photo gives the member the Photogenic badge and ten points

· Getting a positive reaction on a comment gives 1 point

· Getting a negative reaction on a comment, such as ‘off topic’ takes a point away

· If a moderator ‘promotes’ a comment, the member will receive 5 points

There are about a dozen actions that will trigger a badge award and other badges that can be earned. Some badges are awarded by the platform by attaining some participation milestones and others by moderators in a specific context.

Reputation is used in two ways in DoF. The first is simply to provide a reputation score via the member’s profile page and on leader boards. The other is to award members with a rank based on reputation. As a member’s reputation score increases, so does their rank. Rank is not just a vanity label, ranks can be tied to abilities such as being allowed to have a signature or use the /me action in comments. Comments made by members of different ranks can be formatted differently so that, for example, higher ranked member comments stand out in the discussion thread.

Hope this helps! 


Thanks @Amanda_Lee