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We recently tested some light curtains for a client. So we decided to try the reduce mode of the UR. The setup was so easy. The light curtains that the client had were
Reer Light Curtains. They have a way that you can wire them out such that they are in AUTO RESET mode. This is what we used in the video below. Then we hooked up the light curtains output to inputs of a safety relay. We then wired the output of the safety relays to the safety inputs of the UR controller. Then in the SAFETY setting of the UR we simply assigned the values of the plugged inputs to reduced mode. So in the video you see the robot going at roughly 3000mm/s and then switching to about 450mm/s when the operator moves his arms across the curtains.


...or use safety relays. You would need two relays. You would wire the A channel from both into one relay, B channel from both into the other relay. Then wire one output from each relay to the safeguard circuit...
Hello Matthew, I should connect two light curtains and thee RFID-door-switches to an UR5e. Each safety device should be connected to an safeguard input. My mistake was, that I thought that I can configure the safety inputs of the controller as safeguard-stop inputs.

Have you an little schematic of the relay connections? I don't understand your explanation.

Thanks a lot, Fabian