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SebastienSebastien Posts: 220 Handy
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@Stefan_Stubgaard @Annick_Mottard ;
I recently updated my UR3 to version that I downloaded on the UR website. I restarted it and everything was fine. I followed the UR procedure in the UR5 service manual.I then installed the UR caps for Robotiq's products (FT300, Camera and 2F85 gripper). However, I turned the robot off before lunch and now trying to turn it back on. When the USB with the software update that I downloaded on UR website is in the teach pendant USB I get to a screen where it is saying REBOOT AND SELEC PROPER BOOT DEVICE OR INSERT BOOT MEDIA IN SELECTED BOOT DEVICE AND PRESS A KEY.
If I don't have the key with the UR software update that I downloaded from UR website, I get to a screen saying, EFI SHELL VERSION 2.31 (5.9), CURRENT RUNNING MODE 1.1.2 MAP: CANNOT FIND REQUIRED MAP NAME, PRESS ESC. TO SKIP STARTUP.NSH, ANBY OTHER KEY TO CONTINUE. I was able to solve this issue by unplugging the 4 USB ports extension that we need to make the Robotiq Camera work with FT300 and 2F85 gripper. Now when I the UR is on, I am trying to connect back the USB port extension but then when I try to shut the robot down it does not work. What steps should I do?


  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 220 Handy
    I think I found a bit the issue to my problem. I think it is related to the recognition of USB devices as we booth the robot. I uninstalled the Robotiq URCaps and vision server. I started back from scratch the installation rebooting everytime I connected a new USB device to the controller and it worked fine. Any one else experienced something like this? @Stefan_Stubgaard how are the USB ports handled by the UR during reboot and so on.

  • PierreOlivier_ProulxPierreOlivier_Proulx Posts: 51Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program Handy
    The issue that happens sometimes is the controller trying to boot on the vision system USB flash drive. I assume that your vision USB flash drive was plugged in the 4-ports USB hub, is that right? Another thing with usb: I think that you can only have one usb flash drive auto-mounted at the time. I don't know why there is this limitation. This is the reason why we recommend to reboot the robot after an installation.
    Pierre-Olivier Proulx
    Software Designer
  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 220 Handy
    Yes the vision USB was plugged in the 4-ports USB switch. 
    When restarting the installation from scratch and shuting down/restarting the robot each time a new USB device was plugged in worked. I then had to dismount the robot to move it to another location. While doing so I unplugged some USB devices and then the same problem happened upon reboot. So my guess was really the way USB ports are handled by the UR. 
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