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Hi guys,
so we have been working on this for a proof of concept for a client. The key was that the operator should be able to 'calibrate' the object detection when he is changing production batch that run objects of different sizes. So in the before start section of the program we have a small iteration that takes the operator through a calibration procedure that will end up measuring the width of the object upon closing of the gripper on it. Here is the main part of the code with some explanations. Note that the tolerances that I have in my sample program was 10 gripper encoder steps. I can probably reduce this if I use aluminum tips instead of rubber tips.

     do_grip_cal≔'Do you want to perform gripper object detection calibration?' (Asking operator if he wants to calibrate)
     tolerance≔10 (this is the tolerance on the gripper encoder steps we want to measure at)
     If do_grip_cal≟ True 
       Gripper Open
       Loop 3 times (I loop it three times just to see repeatability in the resulting values)
         Gripper Open
         Popup (Popup saying place the object between the tips)
         Gripper Close
         Wait: 3.0 (to make sure grip is firm and allow some time for the operator to release the object such that the robot holds it on its own)
         Popup (object will be release such that object does not drop if no table under it)
       Gripper Open
       i_calib_pos_val≔calib_pos_val (I save the new calibration in an Installation Variable)
       Popup (Are you ready to produce?)
       calib_pos_val≔i_calib_pos_val (If I don't calibrate I use the same calibration value as before!)
   Robot Program

Attached is the robot program and here is the video!