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mikebeaucheminmikebeauchemin Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 22 Crew
Hi everyone,

I had today a question from a customer on the maximum length / duration allowed for a path recording program using our URCap function.  My first answer was to say that the only limitation was the memory left on the controller to run / record such program.  

I also mentioned that from a programming standpoint,  it's definitely more convenient to work with a set of smaller path recording segment programs than a single long one when comes the time to modify it, since as of now, it's not possible to edit the path recording program. 

@Nicolas_Lauzier @Annick_Mottard  Do you see other limitations?


  • Annick_MottardAnnick_Mottard Posts: 147 Handy
    edited October 2016
    There is no actual limit to the length or duration of the path you want to record. The only limit would be the available memory to store your program in. Also, if you record a long path, the inconvenience is the time it takes for your program to start running. The longer your path is, the longer it takes before your program actually runs when you click the start button. 

    Like you mentioned, @mikebeauchemin, it is easier to work with smaller paths. It is much simpler to correct an error while recording a smaller path.
    Annick Mottard
    Product Expert
    [email protected] 
  • IcIIcI Posts: 4 Apprentice

    I know previous post is quite old. Neverthless I exactly have the same question is there a time limitation when recording a path. I was previously using an UR5 with FT300 and now we got an UR5e both with Force Copilot. When recording a path lasting more than 10 minutes I get a message "Path recording has stopped automatically. Maximum record time is 10 Minutes."
    Is there a way to change this value?

  • mikebeaucheminmikebeauchemin Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 22 Crew

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the 10 minutes duration it's within the software and not a parameter to be changed.  The reason behind this limit is related to the number of captured data and the capacity of the UR controller memory space while replaying it.  It's also not convenient if you want to modify a portion of the program.  A good practice would be to split the trajectory in multiple paths and that is why we did create the feature:  '' Multi-Point Path''.   Can you share with us the application on which you are trying to use a path than more than 10 minutes?  I would be interested in understanding what you are trying to achieve and to see how we could help with existing features and if there is something we could optimize in our software.
  • IcIIcI Posts: 4 Apprentice
    At the moment I am waiting for the Finishing copilot we asked. It may solved my issue.
    In fact I need more thant 10 minutes to teach the path. Executing it can then be faster.
    I need the robot to make a path covering a complete surface of 0.5 m2 with a distance between each path of few mm. When the surface is easy  (flat) I can just use a ruler and teach the path eaysily, when the pathh is more complex I often need more than 10 minutes to cover manually the surface.

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